Branding Professionals: Don’t Sell Yourselves Short

Photo courtesy of Andrew Kist

Electra Lives (here’s a little soundtrack for you to enjoy while you’re reading…)

OK, how many of you branding professionals out there have been neglecting your own brand? C’mon, admit it. You build kickass websites for a living, and your own site is in desperate need of a refresh. Or, you handle social media for your clients, but you barely manage a tweet on your own behalf. You write amazing content for other people, but when was the last time you told your own story?

That’s not cool. Take a few minutes for yourself. Think of it as me time. You know, the way you give yourself some time to meditate in the morning (right? OK, that’s another discussion), or unwind with a hot bath or a glass of wine, or a long walk, or a silly movie…

Branding yourself should be fun.

Sure, there are the stats, and the regular posting schedules to think about, but mostly you want to remember what social media is supposed to be about. {crickets} It’s about being social, stupid. Meeting people. Making new friends. Learning something new. Sharing a laugh or an interesting story.

The internet is like a never ending party in a huge mansion.

There are people hanging out in all these different rooms in the house. There are more interesting people than you can imagine. Some of them are talking business, some are debating politics, while others are sharing photos of their kids.

Are you looking for support or community? It’s there, in endless variations. Are you looking for entertainment? A lot of people are telling jokes and spinning stories, and still others are trading creative ideas, dreams and visions.

You want inspiration? It’s there for the asking. You just have to find your people. They are out there, trust me. If you send up the right smoke signals, you will catch their attention.

Now don’t be shy.

Go out there and say hello. It’s easy. Not sure where to start? Google something you’re interested in – a hobby, your favorite TV show, or some topic that’s burning a hole in your brain. There are other people out there already posting about the same things. Read their articles, monitor their tweets, watch their videos. If you see something you like, say something!

The world of social media is just waiting for you to jump in and make your contribution. Don’t worry, you’ll make friends quickly. It’s easy. Just be honest, genuine and supportive. You will find a terrific spirit of generosity waiting for you, if you put it out there.

Note. If you are one of those people who lives for insulting other people or making anonymous, nasty comments on other people’s websites, I have no time for you. Unfortunately, I don’t see that type of behavior ending anytime soon – the world seems to have no shortage of cruel, angry people. So carry on with your vortex of negativity. I’ll be over here enjoying the company of my new friends…

Oh and by the way… that’s how you build your brand.

Join me as I re-brand this website during our upcoming branding workshop series in NYC, starting next week, Thursday, April 17th!


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