Project Mavens is a content branding firm specializing in literary and editorial development, multimedia design and collaborative partnerships. We create websites, blogs, newsletters, books, and live events. We combine social media, storytelling, cutting edge technology and artistic inspiration to develop strong community and unique visibility around your brand. We love innovative projects that bring together people from different mediums and industries. We transcend traditional boundaries to create new experiences and put passion into everything we do.

Our clients are start-ups, authors, artists, non-profits, and businesses. We especially enjoy working with clients who are launching new projects, or are at major crossroads in their development.

Our client list includes:
Cornelia Street Cafe
LifeCycles: Resource Management for Lives in Transition
Celine Koropchak, Author of One With All of Thee: Growing Your Sacred Connection
NeighborWorks America
Graef Financial Group
Apollo Theater Foundation
Public Stuff
Ling Jiou Mountain Buddhist Society
Thrifty Computer
Steward Preservation Services
Dr. Janis Enzenbacher

Deborah Oster Pannell is the founder of Project Mavens. Her specialties are writing, editing, content branding and social media PR. Her favorite areas of focus are the arts, non-profits, social enterprise, sustainability, health & wellness, healthcare advocacy, spirituality, innovative business and creativity. She authored the young entrepreneur interview series at under30ceo.com, and has written about NYC venues and events for eventwist.com, where she was the director of communications. She has written for modernlifeblogs.com and has a regular column on entrepreneurship, Work in Progress at techsytalk.com. She has recently teamed with award-winning designer Jennifer Dopazo to create The Branding Lounge, a series of branding workshops. Her blog, She Says Yes, features profiles and interviews with notable figures in the arts community and other innovators, as well as personal essays on love, loss and parenting. A graduate of Smith College, Deborah has been a musician, DJ, theater director, filmmaker and healthcare activist and is a devoted mom to her son, Josiah.


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