Developing Natural Audience – A Correspondence with Dino Dogan

Deb and Dino at Plannertech 2013 (aka Techsytalk)

Deb and Dino at Plannertech 2013 (aka Techsytalk)

I recently launched my new Building Creative Community interview series with a conversation with creative development advisor, Marc Zegans. I thought it would be great to start things off by talking to someone who worked with a great many artists in various disciplines. I wasn’t prepared for the huge response we got from writers, artists, performers and other solo practitioners who all resonated to the challenges of developing their own natural audience. If you haven’t already read Finding Natural Audience, have a look at it here.

Since so many of you are struggling with issues around building audience, I decided to continue that conversation by tapping into my network of thought leaders in that area to see what they had to say on the subject. Of course, one of the first people I thought of was Triberr founder, Dino Dogan, aka Global Force for Badassery.

Dino’s vision for a supportive blogging community has set a standard for generosity and positivity in the blogosphere. Triberr also allows bloggers to build their own natural audience by tapping into the reach of other bloggers who write on related topics of interest to them. I am a big fan of this method of outreach – a kind of six degrees of separation model. It lets us expand our networks organically through genuine communication and enthusiastic sharing.

In just three email exchanges, Dino reminded me of the importance of finding work that stirs up some inner passion, as well as the advantage of putting your heart and soul into building and growing your project. He is truly one of the hardest working cats around. I wonder if his words resonate with you? I’d love to hear back from any of you out there who have had experience with Triberr or any other online tools that have helped you build your own natural audience.

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Dear Dino,
In the world of building audience and online engagement, you are one of the more energetic souls I’ve encountered. You’ve definitely won my heart with your groundbreaking work via Triberr on blog reach amplification and influencer marketing. But you move pretty fast. What are you into these days??


I am deep at work on Triberr 2.0

After 3 years of feedback from our users, clients, and critics, we decided to build a platform that incorporates all the good parts of Triberr 1.0, and eliminates all the bad parts, with a dash of new features that are sorely missing from the current version.

I’m very excited about it and can’t wait to show it to you.


Dino, I’m thrilled to hear that. As a relatively early Triberr adopter, I’ve always been impressed with how available you’ve made yourself. How many thousands of users do you have over there? And yet, I’ve always had the sense that you were completely hands on, personally responding to questions and problems, making it a point of connecting with the people who were part of the big Triberr experiment. You seem to really embody the notion of authentic communication.

I’m interested in your experience of how these online connections have translated into real life relationships. What have you observed over the last couple of years?


When I started blogging I had a couple of hundred loyal readers. They became the first members of Triberr and they invited their friends, and their friends invited theirs, and so on.

Today, I have a location-independent lifestyle, I pay my bills doing the work I love, and I get paid to travel all around the world and speak at conferences.

All of this was a direct result of forming online relationships.


Dino, what kind of stories have you heard from others who are using platforms such as Triberr to build strong relationships online? Are you seeing similar progressions from online relationships to offline, “real life” engagement such as the kind you have experienced? You have access to so many people, I’m curious to know what types of results they are reporting to you…


No one is required to report back to us, and we don’t ask, but when I do hear back from people, the story falls into one of these general patterns.

When Triberr first launched, I heard from a lady in Monaco who was standing in line at a McDonalds while another lady was on her phone approving Triberr posts. Since Triberr was very new back then, it was unusual to encounter Triberr users “in the wild”. They struck up a conversation that led to a business collaboration.

People have signed countless book deals because their blogs took off thanks to Triberr. We’ve helped many speakers get better (and more) speaking engagements.

Triberr has been instrumental in helping several multi author sites become a success. Contributors and founders to these sites have gone on to get high profile jobs in the industry.

Half of Forbes’ top social media influencers are on Triberr. And many of them are tireless Triberr advocates. We penetrate over 40 other categories in a similar fashion.

If you’ve never done it, I highly recommend you build something people love. It’s wonderful to encounter people who have used your site, love what you do, and treat you like a minor celebrity just because you wrote some code. It’s great 🙂


4 Responses to “Developing Natural Audience – A Correspondence with Dino Dogan”
  1. Marc Zegans says:

    Great conversation Dino and Deborah. I love Dino’s stories about how Triberr has helped people’s relationships outside of cyberspace evolve.

    • Thanks Marc.
      I have to say, my own social media experience, particularly on Twitter, has echoed this. I’ve started some great relationships that have extended into real life from genuine exchanges about topics of mutual interest, or even RT’s or comments that led into conversations. I’m pretty sure the key is when we use these channels to really communicate with one another about things that matter to us.

  2. Triberr is awesome, and I’m a huge advocate. I’ve met friends, mentors, clients, fans, and influencers there. It’s also great for reach and engagement. Dino is also pretty awesome. I can’t keep up with his brain! We’ve worked on a big project together and I’m honored to know him. Great interview!

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